Conservative Writer Announces Retirement; Calls Out Ben Shapiro, Fox News

Longtime conservative commentator Michelle Malkin announced her retirement from “newspaper column-writing,” calling out “conservative” media. And she also named names.

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Throughout her 30-year career, the former Fox News contributor said her family “has been punished and stigmatized” and her reputation “tarnished” and her voice “squelched” because of her reporting, columns, and speeches.

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“I have no regrets,” Malkin wrote in the lengthy column:

It’s not “big government” that waged this war on my career. It’s a constellation of vindictive wrongthink police in the private sector, from the Southern Poverty Law Center and Anti-Defamation League, to foreign newspapers and moneyed interests that have no business influencing American politics, to “conservative” swamp creatures and profiteers such as Bill Kristol, Jonah Goldberg, Mona Charen and Ben Shapiro, and even to former colleagues at the Fox News Channel, which blacklisted me several years ago and told a friend of mine who was a guest on Tucker Carlson’s show not to say my name after antifa rioters had attacked me and others on stage at a Back the Blue rally in Denver a few years ago. (My friend ignored the warning. God bless him.)

She described the changes she’s seen over the past 30 years in the industry:

It’s not just “fake news” that plagues us. It’s sold-out, skewed “news” that serves corporate and global special interests, not the truth. It’s lazy, soulless, dumbed-down opinion writing from hacks who care nothing about the craft. It’s shady influence operations masquerading as “journalism.” It’s information-suppression disguised as “misinformation” monitoring.

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Malkin criticized liberal media but said “conservative” media is not much better: “It’s dominated by snot-nosed D.C. libertarian elites from overpriced universities who slavishly promote ‘free-market capitalism’ and cast ‘big government’ as our greatest enemy, while private Silicon Valley corporations and their nonprofit allies crush nationalist dissent, handcuff free speech and deplatform free thinkers through censorship (hard and soft) and lawfare (systematic abuse of the courts to harm political critics).”

Malkin thanked her parents, as well as early writing mentors in her career.

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