Cruz Rips Hypocrite Jake Tapper ‘Sitting at the Damn Desk’ Without a Mask

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) joined Todd to discuss a recent CNN segment when Jake Tapper tried to goad Sen. Amy Klobachar into taking a cheap shot at Cruz. Tapper suggested Cruz put Klobuchar, a breast cancer survivor, at risk when he did not wear a mask to Sen. Bob Dole’s memorial service. Click here to listen to the full interview.

“You’re a breast cancer survivor,” Tapper pointed out to Klobuchar. “You’re still recovering, I guess.”

When Klobuchar pointed out that she is “100% better,” Tapper interjected to say, “You’re still at risk of infection because of this fight that you won. What was going through your mind there, where Ted Cruz pulls up next to you and doesn’t have a mask on, even though the rules are, ‘Please wear a mask to protect … other people?’”

TODD: Senator, good to have you with us.

SEN. CRUZ: [01:19:00] Todd, great to be with you. And your suspicions are correct.

TODD: [01:19:03] You know, it’s just, you know, you’ll want to try to like these guys, but they just make it very, very hard.

SEN. CRUZ: [01:19:10] Well, look what what has happened to CNN in the past five years has really been tragic that they’ve lit themselves on fire. They used to be a news organization, you know, five years ago, Todd, I would go on CNN all the time and they always lean left. But but they at least tried to be journalists. So they have a panel of five people that they’d have one conservative and then four people on to say the conservative was the devil. And so that was how they tried to deal with balance. When Trump became president, it broke them. It shattered CNN. Now they have a panel of just five leftists to discuss how every Republican is the devil. And they don’t. They don’t even pretend to have balance. And you know what’s striking? You think about it. If you had, say, Walter Cronkite sitting down at a chair describing to you what a journalist should do to be objective, to be fair, to capture both sides, to be nonpartisan, to describe the facts, not to editorialize. CNN doesn’t aspire to any of that. They see their mission today as propagandists. They are. They are not just Democrats, partisan Democrats, they are the left wing of the Democratic Party. So they’ll push the Democrats to go further left. And you take this moment, you know, Tapper was sitting there trying to bait Amy Klobuchar to take it a shot at me. Now you know what the irony is Tapper sitting at the damn the desk not wearing a mask, just a couple of feet away from Amy saying, Is this terrible? He was in your presence, not wearing a mask. And the hypocrisy of it, even for CNN, was idiotic. And I’ll give Amy credit. She took the high road and didn’t take Tapper’s bait. But you know, it’s what CNN. CNN is performance art, the hard left, and it’s got like seven viewers. Because because nobody wants to watch that idiocy, it’s true.

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