DC Comic’s Latest Gay Superhero is Financial Disaster

The latest gay superhero is a great big flop.

DC Comics rebooted Green Lantern as gay – but it turns out nobody wanted to see page after page of gay sex between the title character and his boyfriend.

And the first edition landed with a thud. Only a handful of sales.

Here’s how Bounding Into Comics described the problem: “Comic book readers chose not to purchase the sodomy-filled Alan Scott: Green Lantern comic book by writer Tim Sheridan despite Sheridan begging his followers to purchase the book to spite Comicsgate.”

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Comic book writer Tim Sheridan blasted fans – and said haters and queer-phobes are out in force.

“I’m here to ask you a favor. The book comes out next DC Tuesday, October 24th, but already the haters and the queerphobes are out in force, doing everything they can to see that this book tanks. They use code and make it sound like they have legit problems with a book they haven’t read yet. But the truth is they just don’t like that there is a queer hero in the upper ranks of the DCU,” Sheridan wrote last October.

“The only way we can shut these people down is to make this book an undeniable success,” he continued. “The only way to prove to the big publishers that there’s a huge market for authentic stories about LGBTQIA+ characters and these stories are for everyone is to buy the heck out of books like this.”

It’s not the first time that woke artists have hijacked the superhero world to advance their radical agenda.

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In the past few years we’ve seen bisexual Robin, gay Spider-Man, lesbian Batgirl and Clark Kent’s son put on a pair of tights and became gay Superman. All of which, by the way, were financial disasters.

Sheridan says he wants to prove to big publishers that there’s a huge market for gay superheroes.

“And send a message that the bullying and the lies and the hate have to stop,” he said. “Everyone deserves to see themselves in comics. Everyone needs allies. And if you’re an ally, now is the time to step up. We outnumber them. So let’s pool our power, vote with our wallets, and beat these a**holes.”

What the LGBT comic book world does not seem to understand is that our beloved superhero characters are straight – they were born that way. Isn’t that what the LGBT activists always remind us?

So Green Lantern’s light has been snuffed out proving an age-old philosophy — once you go woke, you go broke.

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