Diamond and Silk Blast Hannity, Claim Fox News is Discriminatory

Fox News host Sean Hannity discriminated and launched a smear campaign against Kathy Barnette, Diamond and Silk said on the Todd Starnes Show Tuesday.

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Did Sean Hannity discriminate against Kathy Barnette?

The political commentators and Newsmax TV hosts claimed Hannity made every attempt to scale back the ground Barnette made as a candidate for Senate in Pennsylvania, from bringing up old tweets out of context to releasing images of her at the Capitol on Jan. 6.

“That’s not borderline, it is discrimination,” the Trump-supporting duo told host Todd Starnes.

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“You know, there were two other candidates in a race,” Diamond and Silk said. “They were white. I didn’t see Sean Patrick Hannity do anything like he did to Kathy to them. To me, Kathy is a patriot. She was out in the cold while Sean Hannity was texting somebody, telling them to tell Trump to stop talking about the 2020 election.”

For Diamond and Silk, it isn’t as black and white when it comes to the Republican Party. Their concern is that this is just what the legacy-media wants and even make worse if Barnette does make it past the primaries.

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“The one thing that the Democrats love to do is call Republicans racist,” they said. “So whenever you give them the ammunition to use it against you, that’s what Sean Patrick Hannity just did. But the white counterpart? You didn’t do absolutely nothing to them.”

Diamond and Silk, who used to be Democrats, compared the Left’s attacks to establishment Republicans.

“The same way that I saw Sean do Kathy, a lot of white people do that to Diamond and Silk,” they said. “They act as though, ‘how dare you think you can just come out of your box and say this? You just got off the Democrat plantation. Now we’ve got to seek the dogs on you to bring you back… we are sick and tired of that.”


‘Never Forget What Sean Hannity Did in This Race,’ Says Kathy Barnette

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