Disney’s Non-Binary Movie for Kids a Flop

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The Los Angeles Dodgers celebrated pride over the weekend – but nobody showed up. The stands were virtually empty when the Dodgers honored the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. 

The Sisters are no sisters. They are men dressed like demonic nuns. They mock Christians and blaspheme our Lord. 

The Dodgers honored the anti-Catholic group with a community hero award.

Watch Todd’s Newsmax monologue about the Dodgers:

Meanwhile, outside the stadium were thousands of Christians – all peacefully protesting and marching through the streets. 

They held signs condemning anti-Christian bigotry and calling on the Dodgers to repent. 

Americans are sick and tired of the transgender mob shoving its agenda down our throats. 

And many businesses are learning that there’s a price to pay for defending their cause. Just ask Bud Light and Target and Hollywood.

Over the weekend Pixar debuted Disney’s first non-binary cartoon character in the movie “Elemental.” It turned out to be the worst opening weekend of any Disney film in three decades. 

“The Flash” had one of the worst openings of any DC superhero film. The star – Ezra Miller – is a they/them guy who was accused of grooming a child. 

As I wrote in my book, “Culture Jihad: How to Stop the Left From Killing a Nation,” the people are sick of this garbage. 

And over the weekend you sent a very clear message to Major League Baseball, the Legacy Media and the perpetually confused pronoun crowd. 

We care more about our families and our faith than we do about superheroes or beer or watching a bunch of millionaires play with bats and balls. 

And you also proved you can send a message to the nation without having to burn down a city block or loot the local Walmart. Well done, patriots.

Should American boycott businesses that promote transgenderism?

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