ESPN Guest Says U.S. Assault on Voting Rights Just as Bad as Chinese Genocide Against Uyghurs

ESPN analyst and Chinese apologist J.A. Adande said that the U.S. is not well positioned to decry China’s human rights record.

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“Who are we to criticize China’s human rights records when we have ongoing, attacks by the agents of the state against unarmed citizens and we’ve got assaults on the voting rights of, of our people of color in various states in this country,”Adande, who is the director of sports journalism at Northwestern University’s Medill School, said.

He said that it is difficult to locate any nations that are not “problematic when it comes to human rights — including here.”

“I think we can bring attention to it. I think it’s, it’s notable that we did have a Uyghur participant lighting the torch,” he said.

Watch the full video below: