Fox Host Compares 1/6 Witness Testimony to Watergate

Fox News host Bret Baier compared Tuesday’s Jan. 6 testimony to Watergate.


Baier’s comments come after Cassidy Hutchinson, a former Whitehouse aide, brought new testimony accusing former President Trump, among other things, of lunging at a Secret Service agent for not allowing him to enter the Capitol on Jan. 6.

Do you believe Hutchinson's testimony?

“I’ve covered politics a long time,” Baier said, referencing Hutchinson’s testimony. “I don’t think there has been testimony like this, kind of jaw-dropping in a way on the inside workings of a White House in crisis after, you know, at this moment, January 6th, that we have seen since Watergate, really.”

Baier was joined on the air by Fox News anchor John Roberts who seemed to have a similar reaction to the testimony.

Secret Service Says Agents Were Not Attacked by Trump, Will Testify Before Congress

“I basically lived with that team in the White House for four years, and I knew how insistent the president could be when he wanted to do something,” Roberts said. “Even if it was not feasible in terms of security. But obviously, the Secret Service had a different idea of what could happen that day.”

REPORT: Secret Service Set to Refute Explosive Testimony Alleging Trump Attacked Limo Driver

Prominent conservatives have criticized Hutchinson’s testimony, speculating about the accuracy of her claims and requesting evidence to back them up.

“Was anyone arrested? Was anyone charged? If not, why? If true, were the officers fired for refusing to arrest armed intruders at the Capitol?” national radio host Todd Starnes wrote on Twitter in response to the allegations.

Trump Responds to ‘Total Phony’ Cassidy Hutchinson After 1/6 Testimony

Additionally, Starnes said, “If a Secret Service agent was in fact attacked — there must be some sort of report. Let’s see the official report of the incident.”

In response to Hutchinson’s claim that Trump tried to grab a car steering wheel so he could go to the Capitol building during the riot, Newsmax host Benny Johnson tweeted, “Trump must have very long arms.”

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