‘Fox Is Cozying Up to Biden,’ says Former Fox News Star Eric Bolling

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Former Fox News Channel star Eric Bolling says his former network as become lap dogs for the Biden administration.

“I believe Fox News now has moved towards the mainstream media,” Bolling said on Newsmax. “They are cozying up to the Biden Administration left and right.”

Bolling is hosting a new program on Newsmax, “Eric Bolling The Balance.” The program will air at 4 p.m. — direct competition for Never Trumper Neil Cavuto.

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“Neil Cavuto has been nothing but awful to President Trump,” Bolling said. “Fox had been fair and balanced, but over the last couple of years, they’ve pushed to the middle and gotten into bed with the rest of the mainstream media.”

So what’s the big difference between Fox News Channel and Bolling’s show on Newsmax?

“We’re unabashedly conservative,” Bolling declared. “Pro-America first.”