Fox Lets Guest Smear Mike Lindell, America First Conservatives

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Fox News platformed an Establishment Republican who smeared America First conservatives as cartoon characters and freaks. 

Doug Heye, the Republican Party’s former comms director, called out what he called out conservatives.

Is Fox News anti-Trump?

“It’s what I call the MyPillow-ization of the Republican Party, is we’ve attracted these more cartoon characters,” he told the Fox anchors.

He was referring to MyPillow founder Mike Lindell’s crusade to expose voter fraud. 

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Hey said people like Lindell are cartoon characters trying to make money off the Republican Party. 

We could go back to 2010 and 2012 where we saw a lot of these terrible first-time candidates that caused Senate races to fall by the wayside in Nevada, Delaware, Indiana, Missouri. This is why Mitch McConnell was warning well in advance that we have a candidate quality problem. But what we’ve seen is a real intensification of this problem from top to bottom. Not just Senate candidates, but House candidates, secretary of state candidates, and governors and the like. And it’s what I call the MyPillow-ization of the Republican Party, is we’ve attracted these more cartoon characters. And if somebody speaking at a rally with a president or presidential candidate is best known as a pillow salesman, run to high heaven. Because you’re going to see more of these cartoon characters who are trying to make money off of the party, become Instagram influencers and celebrities more than they are about being serious legislators. There is a reason Madison Cawthorn lost his primary in North Carolina. He telegraphed and said clearly, “I’m not serious.”

Doug Heye/FoxNews

Republican strategist Karl Rove said the party was filled with knuckleheads with strange beliefs and closets full of problems. 

And there was not a single rebuke from the Fox News anchors. Not a one. 

Their insults are not much more different than FBI agent Peter Strzok’s smelly Walmart people crack. Or Hillary’s basket of deplorables insult. 

The Establishment elites treat us like we’re a bunch of barefoot, ignorant rednecks.

But the way I see it, if George Soros can spend his billions to defund police and elect radical district attorneys, Mike Lindell can spend his cash defending the U.S. Constitution. 

And a word of advice for the Establishment wing of the Republican Party – you can’t have a red wave without the rednecks. 

As for Fox News — those rednecks also pay your bills. 

I’m Todd Starnes

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