Fox News Calls Trump a ‘Three-Time Loser’

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Fox News is going anti-Trump.

Do you still watch Fox News?

The Guardian reports that Rupert Murdoch has warned the former president not to run for the White House. 

Trump clearly ignored that warning — announcing Tuesday from Mar-a-Lago that he intends to Make America Great Again. 

“We have been clear with Donald. There have been conversations between them during which Rupert made it clear to Donald that we cannot back another run for the White House,” a senior News Corp source told the newspaper.

Instead, Murdoch’s massive media empire is expected to back Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

Lachlan has been keen on Ron for some time,” the source added, referring to Rupert’s 51-year-old son and the heir to the Murdoch empire. “He’s viewed within the organization as a sanitized version of Donald.”

The New York Post covered Trump’s reelection announcement with a tiny headline that read, “Florida Man Makes Announcement.” The story was on page 26.

Fox News has also turned the page on Trump.

“GOP mega donors want to move on from ‘three-time loser’ Trump,” the network wrote on a social media post.

And the Wall Street Journal – Murdoch’s flagship newspaper – published a scathing editorial titled, “Trump is the Republican Party’s Biggest Loser.”

What’s important for people to understand is that Fox News has no allegiance to the conservative movement — and especially evangelical Conservatives. 

In recent years they have been coopted by the radical sex and gender crowd. And the network employs  a number of liberals behind the scenes. 

Their editorial decisions are based on profit, not policy.

All that to say — Trump supporters will have very few friends at the Fox News corner of the world. 

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