Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera Calls Freedom Convoy ‘Thuggish’

Fox News Channel’s Geraldo Rivera called Canada’s “Freedom Convoy” truckers thugs Wednesday night.

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“One man’s freedom is another man’s oppression. Their behavior has been nothing short of thuggish in Ottawa,” Rivera said on “The Story” with host Martha MacCallum. “They kept people in the neighborhood awake all night, revving their engines, blowing their horns. They’ve deprived Ottawa of business, of tens of millions of dollars, now they’re blockading the international bridges.”

Do you support the Freedom Convoy truckers?

He added: “To give these guys the mantle of freedom fighters is absolutely appallingly naïve.”

When Tomi Lahren compared the truckers to the Founding Fathers, Rivera lost it.

“When you have protesters bringing Confederate flags and Swastikas and to paint them in the same portrait as our Founding Fathers? What the hell is that about?” he said. “They have been very destructive.”