Fox News Host Dana Perino Embraces ‘Amazing’ Hillary Clinton

Fox News Channel host Dana Perino is raising the eyebrows of conservatives after she hosted a panel at the Clinton Global Initiatives conference.

Perino, who co-moderated the disastrous Fox Business Network Republican primary debate, introduced the “amazing Hillary Clinton.” The pair then shared a brief embrace on stage.

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Perino hosted a panel titled “Journalism on the Front Lines: How Supporting a Strong, Free Press Strengthens Democratic Societies Worldwide.”

Conservatives are furious and wondering whether or not Perino’s political beliefs might have influenced her performance during the debate. Many Republicans were already enraged over the questions posed by Univision host Ilian Calderon.

“The irritation of the inclusion of Univision only grew throughout the night, as moderators asked about ‘gun violence,’ amnesty, Obamacare, and more causing many to deem the debate unwatchable,” Breitbart noted.

“Is this an MSNBC debate,” wrote ex-Fox host Megyn Kelly on Twitter.

Former White House staffer Cliff Sims also condemned the debate moderators.

“The left-leaning Reagan Library would be wholly unrecognizable to the President whose legacy they purport to carry on. And the Univision editorial contributions to this debate are absurd. Trump wins again by not legitimizing any of this,” he wrote.

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