Fox News Host Rips into Rep. Scalise Over Second Amendment

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Fox News anchor John Roberts confronted one of the top Republicans in the House over his defense of the Second Amendment.

Do you support universal background check for gun owners?

During an interview on Fox News Sunday, Roberts presented House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA) with the numbers showing that, among all nations in deaths due to gun violence, the U.S. completely laps the field.

“In terms of the developed world, the United States far and away leads every other nation … in terms of gun violence,” Roberts said. He added, “The U.S. way out in front with four deaths per 100,000 people. The next closest nation is Cyprus, way behind at just below .7 deaths per 100,000 people. What you think is responsible for that discrepancy?”

Scalise pushed back hard against the Fox News Channel anchor.

“In the last couple of years you’ve seen this crazy defund the police movement,” Scalise said. “But you’ve also seen a movement that’s been going on for a few years in big cities where the D.A. aren’t even prosecuting criminals until it is shooting, or a violent crime. And they’re letting criminals back out on the street. And then inevitably what you see is higher rates of crime.”

Roberts to flawed polling data that showed 89 percent of Americans support background checks for gun owners, and 74 percent support red flag laws.

“You and other Republicans have views about background checks and red flag laws that seem to run counter to what public sentiment is,” Roberts said. “So are the views that you and your colleagues hold out of step with where the nation is?”

Scalise pointed out the poll was misleading.

“Under the guise of red flag, they take away due process, where they literally can come into your house and take away your gun without you even knowing that there was some kind of proceeding where somebody said, ‘Oh, I think that guy might be a threat,’” Scalise said. “So now somebody can go and take away your Constitutional right. I don’t think people would agree with that.

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