Fox News Host Speculates Trump Was Selling Classified Documents to Russia

The media are buzzing that major Fox News personalities are attacking former President Donald Trump after the FBI raid, with one speculating Trump was selling secret U.S. documents to Russia.

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Has Fox News turned on Trump?

“Fox News Sunday” host Eric Shawn on Sunday wondered aloud what Trump could have done with documents seized by the FBI during a raid at Mar-a-Lago on Aug. 8.

“More questions are being raised this morning. Did former President Trump try to sell or share the highly classified material to the Russians or to the Saudis or others?” Shawn asked his fellow panelists.

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He continued: “Or were the documents innocently mishandled and stored because he thought he had a legal right to have them?”

Shawn referred to Russian state media reports saying the documents might have been leaked to officials in Russia, Business Insider reported.

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Neither U.S. law enforcement nor or major media in the U.S. have produced evidence, or even suggested publicly, that Trump peddled secret documents that he held in his possession.

Shawn’s comments were just the latest anti-Trump remarks by Fox News hosts.

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