Fox News Hosts Blast Conservative Reps, Calling Them Idiots, Boneheaded Fools

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Fox News Channel has declared war on conservatives. 

Attacking anyone standing in the way of Kevin McCarthy from becoming the next Speaker of the House. Without the votes of the House Freedom Caucus — McCarthy will not be speaker.

Brian Kilmeade calling opponents idiots.

If they said ‘Hey, listen, he won’t do anything on the border. He’s not doing anything with Hunter Biden. He is not going to do anything to go reduce spending.’ None of this is true, so it’s almost as if they’re debating things that are their egos, nothing to do with America. I’m not even talking about Republicans. Republicans or Democrats. They can’t grab onto anything except for, I guess, they want to get a little bit more notoriety in their lives.

Brian Kilmeade/Fox & Friends

Newt Gingrich said they had psychological problems. 

“I thought the House would at least be a sign of stability,” Gingrich said on Fox. “And these five guys decide to go out as kamikaze pluralists and see if they can’t sink the whole Republican party. That’s what they’re doing. It’s not about Kevin McCarthy. It’s about the right of any five members to basically throw away the entire rest of the conference and tell the rest of the conference it doesn’t matter.”

Should Kevin McCarthy be the next Speaker of the House?

When pressed why the House Freedom Caucus was taking such a principled stand, Gingrich dropped an offensive opinion.

“I think it’s a psychological problem,” Gingrich said. “These guys can’t count straight. They can’t play tic-tac-toe. They can’t accept victory.”

Mark Levin went so far as to accuse conservative members of the Freedom Caucus of being closet RINO’s. 

“The 5 House GOP boneheads still have no real conservative candidate for speaker, let alone anyone who can win a majority,” Levin wrote on Twitter. “They look like fools and are delaying the House GOP’s investigative agenda.”

A ludicrous charge. 

Freedom Caucus Chairman Scott Perry says while McCarthy is making public declarations that he’s willing to work with conservatives, behind closed doors it’s another story.


Perry, in a statement released early Tuesday, complained that McCarthy has been “dragging his feet” in negotiations with the conservative holdouts, claiming that he wouldn’t offer “firm commitments” on a number of demands.

McCarthy refused to promise votes on a balanced budget, term limits or a border plan. 

McCarthy also campaigned against conservative candidates. And was caught on tape conspiring against President Trump. 

There’s another McCarthy recording asking if conservative lawmakers like Alabama Congressman Barry Moore could be censored on Twitter for saying the election was stolen. 

The problem with Mr. McCarthy is not what he says in public. It’s what he does in private. 

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