Fox News Hosts Trash Herschel Walker, Suggests He’s Lying


A Fox News Radio host suggested Georgia U.S. Senate candidate may be lying about allegations he paid for a woman’s abortion.

“Was he caught in a lie?” MediaBuzz host Howard Kurtz asked Benson.

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“It appears that way,” Benson said. “I don’t know if he’s telling the truth or lying. We don’t know exactly what happened here. But there’s evidence, circumstantial and otherwise, that suggests he is not being fully forthcoming on this whole issue.”

The Fox News Radio host’s remarks came during a nearly six-minute segment on Fox News Channel where all the panelists and hosts questioned Walker’s credibility.

The Fox News Radio host conceded that the unproven allegations against Walker will not cost him votes.

Meanwhile, Fox host Liz Claman argued that even Sean Hannity was dubious of Walker’s defense.

But Sean came out and said, wait a minute, do you recognize the signature on this card? And Herschel Walker said I hadn’t seen it. Meantime, it was on the screen right next to him. And then he tried to kind of move on and say that this was just rivals trying to come at him right before the election. And Sean wasn’t having any of it, he came out and quickly said, well, what about the $700? Did you write that? And he said, Well, I give money to a lot of people. ABC News has come out and gotten a statement from Herschel Walker, who in essence said, you know what, if it were to be true, nothing to be ashamed about. But Walker always has said abortion is murder. So ergo, murder is not something to be ashamed about?

This is not good for Herschel Walker.

Fox MediaBuzz

Click here to watch the segment.

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