Fox News Star Chris Wallace Tries to Blame Afghanistan Crisis on Trump Admin

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Fox News host Chris Wallace tried to blame the Trump administration Sunday for the Taliban’s rapid control of Afghanistan.

Wallace pressed former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, ignoring years of President Biden’s record as vice president when the Obama administration appeased the Taliban, releasing top operative from prison and building them an office for peace talks in Qatar, the Gateway Pundit reports.

Pompeo, responding to Wallace and Biden blaming former President Trump, he slammed his “pathetic blame-shifting,” pointing out that the Taliban’s insurgency didn’t happen while Trump was still in office.

“Every president confronts challenges,” he said. “This president confronted a challenge in Afghanistan, he has utterly failed to protect the American people from this challenge.”

But Wallace continued to press him, trying to blame Trump.

Wallace also slipped up Sunday, claiming that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) blames “Trump,” not Biden, for spreading COVID at the border.

One user said it is evidence the Fox News star “has become so accustomed to blaming ‘President Trump.'”