Fox News Star Mocks Rep. Tim Burchett’s Christian Faith in Nasty Interview

DEVELOPING STORY: Fox & Friends host Brian Kilmeade is facing backlash from viewers after he mocked Rep. Tim Burchett’s Christian faith.

The incident occurred during a contentious television interview the day after Burchett voted to oust then-Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

The Tennessee congressman is very outspoken about his Christian faith and he told reporters

“I was going down two paths. I said one was keeping my friendship with Kevin McCarthy. And two was my conscience. And so my conscience won out, and it’s served me pretty well. And I said I would be praying about it. And I do, I ask God for wisdom,” Burchett told reporters.

“Then the first thing out of his mouth on the phone was something very condescending. I thought, ‘Well, I’m gonna listen to him. I’m glad he’s calling. I’m sorry it’s right here at the last hour, but I’m gonna listen to him.’ And it was something condescending about my religious beliefs, and I just thought, I don’t need that. And that answered my question right there. The quality and the character there … maybe that’s the wrong thing to judge it on, but that’s what I did.”

McCarthy, according to The Hill, denied mocking Burchett’s faith.

“I said Tim, I read your quote, you said you’re gonna pray about it, I wanted to talk to you about it. And somehow he construes that — I’m a Christian, I’m not gonna offend somebody — I simply read his quote back, I thought there was still an opening and I wanted to talk to him about it,” McCarthy said in remarks reported by The Hill.

Meanwhile, Kilmeade tore into Burchett during an interview today, saying that “one minute [he] was praying about it,” and the “next minute [he] would lead an insurgency.”

Here’s how The Gateway Pundit described the interview:

“Kilmeade repeatedly challenged Burchett–interrupting, talking over and hectoring him such that Burchett called him out several times for how he was conducting the interview, though Burchett remained calm and polite throughout the onslaught by Kilmeade,” The Gateway Pundit reported.

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