Fox Refuses to Broadcast Trump’s Speech, Instead Airing Pence’s Remarks

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It was a clash of the political titans in Washington, D.C.

Former President Trump and former Vice President Pence back in the nation’s capital delivering speeches just a few miles and a few hours apart.

Have you abandoned Fox News?

But if were hoping to watch Trump’s speech on Fox News Channel you were out of luck.

Fox broadcast Mr. Pence’s speech – but they decided not to broadcast the former president’s speech.

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Newsmax, on the other hand, aired the former president’s speech.

Media pundits wondered whether Fox has officially cut ties with Trump. And they may have a point.

Fox News has provided live coverage of at least six of the January 6 committee hearings. Not to mention far-left hosts like Bret Baier and Juan Williams.

The coverage so biased that Trump declared Fox had gone to the dark side.

Fox News has once and for all exposed its true allegiances – they are in the tank for Establishment Republicans. They are no longer fair or balanced. And maybe most disappointing of all – they are no different than MSDNC or CNN.

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