Fox Star: Come To Grandkid’s House Unvaccinated, I Will Kick Your Ass

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Fox News host Geraldo Rivera threatened to kick co-host Greg Gutfeld “in the ass” if he came into his grandchildren’s house unvaccinated.

Rivera told viewers of “The Five” Wednesday he thinks “less of people who are not vaccinated,” calling the personal decision “arrogant,” “selfish,” and “reckless.”

“Sometimes government has to tell — not ask — the government has to tell right now, I want people to have to show, when I go to the bar, I want to know everybody’s vaccinated or have the negative test,” Rivera explained.

“This is cave man stuff,” he said.

When Gutfeld told Rivera he isn’t going to persuade anyone, he lashed out.

“You know what? Too bad,” Rivera fired back. “If you come into my grandchildren’s house and you are not vaccinated, I’m going to kick you in the ass!”