Golden Girls Episode Removed Over “Mud Masks”

Hulu removed an episode of “The Golden Girls” from its platform because the white actresses were wearing mud masks.

The Hollywood Reporter says the  episode in question, originally aired on NBC in 1988, is titled “Mixed Blessings.”

“It revolves around Dorothy, played by Beatrice Arthur, being concerned that her son is marrying a considerably older woman, Lorraine, played by Rosalind Cash. Meanwhile, Lorraine’s mother, played by Virginia Capers, is upset because Dorothy’s son is white and her daughter is Black,” the Hollywood Reporter noted.

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During the scene, Rose and Blanche make an appearance wearing mud packs on their faces.

“This is mud on our faces. We’re not really Black,” Rose says in the episode.

In other words Hulu dumped the episode because they thought the mud packs were a form of blackface.