GROWTH EXPLOSION: Tens of Thousands Abandon Twitter For GETTR

The mass exodus from Twitter to GETTR is because Big Tech is “going all in” on censorship, GETTR CEO Jason Miller told the Todd Starnes Show Monday.

Miller told host Todd Starnes the new free speech platform started gaining momentum last week when Twitter “permanently suspended” Dr. Robert Malone, the mRNA vaccine inventor who spoke out against vaccine mandates.

” A lot of people are exiting Twitter and saying, ‘we’re tired of the political discrimination,'” Miller said.

After Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) was kicked off Twitter Sunday, more than 170,000 people signed up for GETTR. Facebook joined Twitter in booting Greene shortly after.


Miller slammed the two Big Tech platforms as negative and borning.

“Our principle here is if you support free speech and you oppose cancel culture, then we want you on GETTR,” Miller said.

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He warned that the pendulum is going to swing where liberals are going to be purged by Big Tech as well.


The following is a rushed transcript from GETTR CEO Jason Miller’s interview on the Todd Starnes Radio Show:

Starnes: [01:00:51] On the Patriot Mobile newsmaker line our good friend Jason Miller. Jason, there really was no good segue way there. My apologies. We just kind of, you know, it is what it is. Live radio. [01:01:01][9.7]

Miller: [01:01:02] Exactly. Know the one funny thing with AOC, though she was sipping. Obviously, she had a martini or whatever she had down in South Beach there. But the gentleman who was sitting at the table with her, the opie looking gentleman with the beard has a little bit of resemblance to Kaitlyn Dore from the GETTR team. And so we had some fun with that. Was it, Kaitlyn? Was that you sitting there with AOC in South Beach? So did get a little bit of humor out of that. [01:01:26][23.9]

Starnes: [01:01:26] Wow, wow. Jason Miller, ladies and gentlemen from. And Jason, just over the weekend, I know we picked up about five or 6000 new followers. There’s just been a mass exodus from Twitter over the weekend after that horrible story with MTG. [01:01:43][17.0]

Miller: [01:01:45] Yeah, absolutely. And I’d say really, a lot of the momentum even started last at the end of last week when Dr. Robert Malone, who of course, was one of the mRNA vaccine developers who’s now been a pretty vocal opponent of some of the forced vaccine mandates. He was permanently kicked off of Twitter. And so that led to him joining Joe Rogan on the show. And then over the weekend, of course, then MTG gets shut down by Twitter. We also saw even Grabien even Tom Elliott from Grabien was kicked off of, or at least temporarily put in digital jail for putting a clip of Congressman Andy Biggs talking about mandates. So Twitter just seems to be going completely crazy over the weekend. And of course, we get the big news that Joe Rogan has decided to join GETTR, and we had 171,000 new user signups yesterday. We’re up over 75000, approaching 100000 already on today. A lot of people are exiting Twitter and saying, we’re tired of the political discrimination. [01:02:46][61.2]

Starnes: [01:02:48] And the fascinating thing here and for people to understand because we’re on GETTR and folks, just look for my checkmark there, the red, the red checkmark at Todd Starnes is my handle. Jason, the thing about GETTR, it’s not like you can. It’s not like a tunnel of just conservative voices. We’re getting a lot of liberals, a lot of other people weighing in, and that’s the whole point. It is a place where people can go, no matter their political persuasions. [01:03:14][26.3]

Miller: [01:03:16] Yeah, absolutely. And you know, our have our principle here is if you support free speech and you oppose cancel culture, then we want you on GETTR. And right now, a lot of the passion in the free speech movement is in the center-right space is we see people like Dr. Malone or MTG being kicked off of various platforms. But the pendulum is going to swing back. And we’ve seen even recently where some of the Big Tech platforms have criticized whether be a Nicki Minaj or Rihanna or Dave Chappelle, they’re not going to stop just with that. That’s the big fallacy. Todd, I’m glad you highlight that. It’s not just going to stop with one ideology or the other. Quite frankly, that’s why a lot of people or even just look and say, You know what? I might not be someone who’s getting sentenced to digital jail, but I just really want to be a part of a platform that does have that. [01:04:01][45.2]

Starnes: [01:04:02] Exactly. And you know, I’ll give you an example. Personally, we’ve had a YouTube channel for years and they’re always blocking our stuff. And it was the strangest thing are just the numbers didn’t add up. You know, we’ve got a pretty massive audience. And so we join Rumble. Finally, we were late to that game last week, and we’ve got over a quarter million, you know, viewers just right out of the gate. So I think there is something to this effort by Big Tech and by these social media platforms to squelch conservative content. [01:04:34][31.9]

Miller: [01:04:36] Yeah. And it’s again, you know, President Trump, I think, said it best when he said if they’re willing to do this to me, they’re not going to think twice to do it to you. And what we’re seeing is that now the Big Tech platforms, particularly under the watchful eye of new Twitter CEO Agrawal, they’re going all in. They’re completely unencumbered. There are no more guardrails that make them think, well, you know, do we really want to lose this youthful customer base or that customer base? This is now about world framing where they believe in free speech as long as well, you agree with them. [01:05:07][30.7]

Starnes: [01:05:07] Are you starting to see GETTR making an impact? I mean, you’re getting the numbers of people coming over. But is it taking a while for this to catch on? Or, you know, because I know, like people like you and me, we use, we still use both platforms. But are you starting to see an uptick now in GETTR traffic? [01:05:24][16.4]

Miller: [01:05:25] Absolutely. And so we, you know, our daily active user amount is usually right around the 300,000 range, sometimes as much as 400,000 as far as the people that are actually on the platform and taking the action on a given day, which is a pretty good number and that’s continuing to grow. A couple of the additional features we’re adding shortly, we’ll have it in probably about two weeks where you post on GETTR and then it’ll appear on Twitter, so you’ll only have to go to post on one to have it show on the other. [01:05:53][28.1]

Starnes: [01:05:54] Oh nice. [01:05:54][0.1]

Miller: [01:05:54] you know, one of the things that I’ve always said from the beginning is, look, I’m never going to go tell someone to quit another platform. Either people are going to make that decision on the own they enjoy from a user experience, from a customer experience. They’re going to enjoy GETTR. And I think we’re getting it to the point where a lot of people say, You know what? This is a community. This is home. I like it here. I can have freedom of speech, and it’s not going to be the kind of negative cesspool that Twitter is. People are going to come to that on their own. I think if we went and started saying, you can only use this or only use that or give up other things, that’s just the wrong message. And look, if even though Twitter and some of these other platforms have been around for well over a decade, we’re always going to be held in comparison to them, even if we’re only a few months old and we welcome that challenge. [01:06:37][43.3]

Starnes: [01:06:38] You know, going back to Marjorie Taylor Greene, you know, the great irony here is she was simply sharing data from official government websites, the FDA and the CDC, and she got whacked. So is this is really about controlling a narrative and a message when it comes to this, this pandemic. [01:06:57][18.6]

Miller: [01:06:58] Yeah. And they’re going all in. I mean, this is really at the point. And as we saw Todd over the weekend, I mean, how nuts is this? You have Anthony Fauci again. Anthony Fauci goes on TV and says, Well, we might be telling some that the COVID numbers are wrong because you might have people who go to the hospital for other things, then oh, they happen to be positive for COVID. So they have a broken leg, but COVID, they go down as a COVID. So Anthony Fauci is now trying to explain away some of the COVID hospitalizations or even COVID deaths, which I thought was what he didn’t want to have happen this last year. So he’s now trying to do that. But then you also have even Scott Gottlieb, who former FDA commissioner, who is the head doctor. He’s going on and saying that masks are worthless. This is an airborne disease. Cloth masks are not going to do anything. But still, if you go on Amtrak or if you go on a plane, you better have that. Otherwise, you’re gonna have some Karen and start yelling at you. [01:07:59][60.6]

Starnes: [01:07:59] Yeah, as a matter of fact, let’s take a listen to that cut number eight, please. [01:08:03][3.7]

Speaker 3: [01:08:04] Cloth masks are not appropriate for this pandemic. It was it’s not appropriate for Omicron, it was not appropriate for Delta Alpha or any of the previous variants either because we’re dealing with something that’s airborne. [01:08:16][11.7]

Starnes: [01:08:17] So it’s not just Gottlieb. We’ve got CNN now saying that the cloth masks don’t work. You’re wondering, OK, fine. I mean, if you’re going to ban MTG, you got to ban all these other people for sharing the fake news. [01:08:27][10.5]

Miller: [01:08:28] Well, exactly. And that’s the whole thing with MTG. Or even take the Tom Elliott from Grabien, which people, Grabien is essentially a clip service. They basically pull clips of your if you want to get, you know, pull different news sources or things like that. All he did was simply post yours, Congressman Andy Biggs talking about some of the vaccine effectiveness or speaking out against mandates, and is a clipping service, a news outlet. He got sentenced to digital jail, so these guys are all over the map. We’ve known this for a long time. We’ve been saying it for a long time. I just don’t understand how people can have any confidence in their government when we continue to push for mandates in some of this really strident behavior, when even our experts are now saying, Yeah, actually, we kind of had it wrong. [01:09:15][46.6]

Starnes: [01:09:16] All right, Jason, Margo, leave it there and again, GETTR.com, folks, is the website. Sign up for it. You’re going to love this. And Jason, we know we really appreciate the fact that you guys share our stories with the GETTR audience, and that’s been a great benefit to us. And it’s fun meeting a lot of new Americans over on that platform. [01:09:33][17.8]

Miller: [01:09:34] Todd, it’s so great to have you on GETTR. It’s so great to have people go to the Apple Store or the Google Play Store. If you’re not on GETTR, if you’re not following Todd, at least jump on a follow Joe Rogan and then follow Todd. It’s a great experience and actually wake up in the morning and say, You know what? I’m glad to open up my GETTR app and see what people are talking about, whereas again, with Twitter or Facebook either say either they’re boring or what’s this negativity going to bring so GETTR is better, Todd. [01:10:00][26.1]

Starnes: [01:10:01] I love it. GETTR is better than ought to be like a bumper stickers. It’s pretty cool. All right, we’re going to leave it there, Jason. God bless and happy new year to you. [01:10:10][9.3]

Miller: [01:10:11] Thank you, sir. [01:10:11][0.3]

Starnes: [01:10:12] All right. That’s Jason Miller, the founder of GETTR. That’s GETTR.com. It is a great, great platform. Also, I mentioned during the interview that we had signed up for Rumble, and that thing is exploded. Again, we are verified, so I think there’s a green checkmark. I’m getting all the colors confused, but Rumble dot com is where all of our videos exist and we would love for you to check us out there. Sign up. It’s a great service, and like I said, almost a quarter of a million people have already seen or downloaded our videos there, so it just a huge thank you as we continue to grow the radio program. [01:10:48][36.9]

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