James Carville: I Want to Punch ‘Piece of S–t’ Unvaccinated People in the Face

Democratic strategist James Carville threatened unvaccinated Americans on his podcast last week, saying anyone without a vaccine was a “piece of s–t” and he wanted to punch them in the face. Typical Maxine Waters-style Democrat thug.

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On Thursday’s “Politics War Room with James Carville & Al Hunt,” Carville and Hunt took a listener question wondering why President Biden would not pass a bill that bars unvaccinated citizens from interstate travel.

“I wish what they’d do is pass a law to make you immune from liability if you punch some unvaccinated person right in the face, which I’d really like to do. If you ask me what’s my first reaction to you if you’re not vaccinated, you don’t have any medical reason not to be, you’re a piece of s—, OK? I just want to punch you in the god—-ed face. That’s the way I look at these people,” Carville said.

A number of freedom-loving patriots volunteered to take Mr. Carville up on the challenge. Although, it’s unlikely the Cajun blowhard will actually deliver on his promise. Gas bags like Carville are all hat, no cattle.