Kamala Harris Clarifies Her Gender Pronouns: Can You Guess?

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Vice President Kamala Harris made it a point to announce her personal pronoun preferences to a gaggle of LGBTQIA and plus activists today.

“You as community activists; you all have your eyes and ears to the ground,” Harris told the LGBT community in remarks prepared for the White House roundtable where she called herself a “long standing ally of the community.”

Her gender distinctive pronouns came at the beginning of her speech.

“I want to thank you and welcome you for being here,” she said. “My pronouns are: she and her.”

National radio host Todd Starnes weighed in: “And my pronouns are he/him,” he said. “Go to the border, ma’am.”

Harris took the opportunity in her speech to speak about attacks on transgender youth, According to Breitbart.

 “We know the issue in terms of the experiences our transgender youth are having around the country,” she said.

The vice president also admitted in her speech the Department of Veterans Affairs would cover costs of “gender confirmation surgeries” of those in the military.

She said there are 250 proposed bills across the country that are anti-gay and anti-transgender, “including prohibiting transgender youth from receiving medical care and participating in sports, the prohibition on transgender people using the restroom, [and] voter rights.”

Republicans have been urging Harris to go to the border for months now, and she is reportedly going next week.

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