Letter from a Listener: You Are the Only One Who I Found to Fill The ‘Rush’ Void

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The following is a rush transcript of the Todd Starnes Radio Show heard daily from 12 p.m. until 3 p.m. daily.

Starnes: So look, we get some great letters and emails from you folks, and we got one yesterday after the end of the show. And I wanted to read this to you. Grace, you’ve seen this letter. It’s a pretty good letter. [00:35:46][11.3]

Grace: Oh, yeah.

Starnes: Anyway, the guy wrote it. His name is Aaron Gardecki. He is from Muhlenberg Township, Pennsylvania. And…he was listening to our conversation we have with Chris Stigall, who is the great radio host there in Philadelphia. So anyway, Aaron wrote us a very nice letter about, you know, about President Trump and the election. And then he added a P.S., a post-script.

Grace: Ooo

Starnes: And here’s what I want to read… Here we go. ‘I listened to Rush Limbaugh every day for 20 plus years. After God called him home, I search for someone new to listen to. I listen to about a dozen different political talk shows, only to be burned by fake facts. I’m not perfect. I don’t expect anyone else to be. Everyone makes mistakes, but I can’t stand someone who doesn’t correct their mistakes and continues to repeat wrong information, no matter how minuscule the error is.’ I want to stop right here. I completely agree with this guy. And for the record, we correct the record when we do make a mistake.

Grace: We set the record straight.

Starnes: Which is about once every other year. I’m keeping track here.

Grace: We have a tally on the wall.

Starnes: Very rare that we make a mistake on this program. I found your show in January, of this year, and I enjoyed it immensely. Merlot, Grace, and you make a great team. Notice who’s first and last. Ha ha ha.

Grace: Poor Kyle. Producer Kyle.

Starnes: And they all forget Kyle.

Grace: They do forget Kyle! Poor Kyle.

Starnes: I feel bad for Kyle. He’s. He’s, he’s kind of like the Indian guy in the old letter commercials in the seventies. Got that little tear just forming right on the corner of his eye. We love you, Kyle. ‘I listen to your podcast the day after the show aired. Your podcast is blaring through my speakers as I eat breakfast and get ready in the morning. You should feel pride knowing you’re one of only two men I have ever showered with El Rushbo being the other one.’ Well.

Grace: Okay.

Starnes: A little TMI there.

Grace: Just a bit.

Starnes: Little TMI there, Mr. Gardecki. He says, ‘I’m just foolin! I’m normal! I’m a straight white man who believes in God and will never get pregnant. In the eyes of the Democrat, that probably makes me an oddball.’ Oh, you know, it probably does. I mean, the guy knows his pronouns… You know, it’s sad. But this is where we are in America, where red blooded American men are men who know their pronouns.

Grace: Oh, gosh.

Starnes: And can’t lactate. ‘All joking aside, you are the only one I found who was able to fill Rush Limbaugh shoes. Keep up the great work. Trump 2024 to save our nation.’ Aaron, thank you so much! That is a very kind letter and we love you. If you guys want to send us a note, you can do that on our social media pages and we always read those things.

Grace: Yes, we do read every single one.

Starnes: Got a little shout out for Merlot there. How about that?

Grace: She’s the best.

Starnes: Indeed.

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