Marsha Blackburn: Socialist Nations Will Not Allow Entertainers Like Taylor Swift to Express Their Talent

The following is a rush transcript of Todd’s interview with Sen. Marsha Blackburn. Click here to listen to the full interview.

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TODD: [01:53:50] We had people calling my nationals’ show saying we stand in solidarity with Senator Blackburn. We have removed Taylor from our playlist. But what you had to say was so true. I’m just not sure they understand if they embrace this ideology, what that’s going to end up causing them and costing them.

BLACKBURN: [01:54:10] And you look at the woke left and you look at how far they are pushing and Todd, what do we see every time a dictator takes control? Then your creative community has lost their creative rights. And you look at Baryshnikov and his story, which in the Breitbart article, that’s the example I used. He left because he did not want the dictates of a Soviet regime telling him how he could practice his craft and he wanted to benefit from that, which, you know, you have to realize in our Constitution, Article One, Section Eight, Clause Eight, it allows our creators and our innovators to retain the benefits of those creations.

That is a part of their personal private property. And in socialist nations, that all belongs to the government. So I’m sure Taylor Swift is a lovely young lady. She is an incredibly talented young lady. And we have a difference of opinion. But I think that she and others in the entertainment community need to realize there are countries that will not allow their videos, their movies, their books, because they don’t like the way the lyrics are. They don’t like the way the women dance or they don’t like the way the entertainers dance or perform, or they don’t like the clothing or, you know, they come up with all of these different reasons. And what we have to do is say we believe in the First Amendment, your right to expression. And I support that.

TODD: [01:56:06] I do, too. And part of it is selfish because they’re going to ban To Kill a Mockingbird or Little House on the Prairie books. One day they’re going to come after my books. And so it’s not that much of a stretch. So I think we all have to stand together and I know that there are so many people out there that respect and appreciate the strong stand that that you’re taking on on this issue.

BLACKBURN: [01:56:28] Well, we are going to continue to talk about it. Freedom is very precious. Ronald Reagan always reminds us where one generation away from losing our freedom, every generation has to fight. So for me, I wake up every day. I’m a happy warrior, freedom fighter for the cause of liberty and for our faith, family, freedom, hope and opportunity.

TODD: [01:56:50] And, you know, the last part of that Reagan quote talks about how we do not pass this along in the bloodstream, trying to fight for it. And that’s why it’s so important that we stand up to these ideologies like critical race theory in the classroom, because that really is changing the fabric of who we are as Americans.

BLACKBURN: [01:57:09] You know, Todd, it really is. And many times I people will say, what do you think is driving this? And here’s the deal. I think that moms and dads in their work life have had to put up with some of these tendencies, this diversity, inclusion, equity provisions from their company. And they’re going, hey, wait a minute, you might do this to me during my workday, but you are not going to do this to my kid and we’re going to push back on you. And honestly, I think that’s why you’re seeing parents rise up and pardon me, run for school boards and say, pardon me and say we are not going to put up with this.

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