Megyn Kelly Dishes Dirt on Firing of Tucker’s Staff

Former Fox News host Megyn Kelly cut through the narrative on Newsmax, suggesting that the network firing all of Tucker Carlson’s staff shows it might be ideologically motivated.

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Joining “Eric Bolling The Balance” on Tuesday, Kelly revealed that it was an abnormal move by Fox to terminate all of the show’s remaining staff and could potentially point to a deeper chasm with Carlson.

“I’ve seen some write-ups of this saying, ‘Oh, it’s normal when they let somebody go to let go of the staff.’ Not at Fox News, it’s not. They don’t do that. That’s, as far as I know, unprecedented to let the whole staff go. Normally they’d find you a landing spot.”

For Kelly, “That’s further evidence for the fact that this may have indeed been ideological.”

She specifically alluded to reports that Fox Corporation Chairman Rupert Murdoch’s children were unhappy with Carlson’s opinions that challenged the mainstream narrative, along with other network executives.

“The truth is he said too many things that went against the Fox News line. The old man likely got ticked off because why else would they fire his entire remaining staff?” Kelly insisted.

Carlson is currently in an intense legal battle with Fox after the network canceled his show but kept him under contractual noncompete provisions, a barrier he has attempted to skirt by moving his show to Twitter.

On Monday, Fox announced that Jesse Watters would replace Carlson in the primetime hour starting next month in the wake of its continued hemorrhaging of viewers since his ousting.

The Los Angeles Times reported Monday that Fox had lost half of the roughly 3 million viewers who were tuning in nightly since Carlson’s departure in April.

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