MSNBC ‘MISGENDERED’ LGBTQ Reporter in Segment on Online Harassment

A “they/them” journalist who identifies as trans got upset with MSNBC after being “misgendered” during a segment on online harassment against women journalists.

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Kate Sosin, a 19th News LGBTQ+ reporter, publicly complained for being identified as a female.

“I really did not want to get into this, but I don’t know what to do. It’s been five days since @MSNBC pubbed this piece on gender-based harassed facing journalists and misgendered me,” Sosin tweeted Tuesday. “They won’t fix it. I have asked. @19thnews has asked and asked.”

Then MSNBC responded.

“NBC News interviewed Kate Sosin, a nonbinary trans journalist, who shared their experience with gender-based threats akin to those faced by reporters who identify as female,” MSNBC wrote in an update to the segment.

“That context was not clear in this story, which inadvertently led to Kate’s misgendering. Banners have been removed from this story to help eliminate any confusion,” MSNBC added.

The troublesome graphic which has been removed said, “1 in 3 women under 35 experience online harassment.”

MSNBC was criticized for posting the clip “without any context.”

Washington Post journalist Taylor Lorenz, who appeared alongside Sosin, accused NBC of using her as “clickbait.”

“If your segment or story on ‘online harassment’ leads to even worse online harassment for your subjects, you f–ked up royally and should learn how to cover these things properly before ever talking about them again,” Lorenz wrote.

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