Netflix Ain’t Mayberry – And That’s Why Nearly 500,000 Americans Unsubscribed

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Hello Americans. I’m Todd Starnes with news and commentary next. 

Netflix – the online streaming service – is in big trouble. 

They lost nearly a half million subscribers during the second quarter. 

Netflix blamed its troubles on the spring and summer months.

But that’s not it. 

It seems that most Americans don’t appreciate the far left turn Netflix has taken over the past few years. 

They’ve gone woke. 

Netflix recently announced a partnership with Barack and Michelle Obama — churning out propaganda disguised as entertainment. 

Netflix also over-sexualized its content — basically becoming a soft-porn channel. 

They drew the wrath of parents after broadcasting “Cuties” – a program that sexualized little girls. 

Families are just not going to spend money on that sort of garbage. They long for the days of Everybody Loves Raymond and the Andy Griffith Show.

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