Networks Cut Away From Trump’s Victory Address


It was not the Drive-By Media’s great night last night.

CNN, MSNBC, Fox News. All condemned by the Iowa Republican Party for calling the caucus just 30 minutes after it had started. Many people were still signing in when they received Fox News alerts on their phones.

The DeSantis campaign called it election interfering.

CNN and MSNBC refused to broadcast President Trump’s victory address.

Rachel Maddow told her viewers that SHE would be the one to decide if President Trump said anything newsworthy.

RACHEL MADDOW: Let me just interject. I’m sorry. I just have to do a little bit of business, just for a second. .

At this point in the evening, the projected winner of the Iowa caucuses has just started giving his victory speech. .

We will keep an eye on that as it happens. We will let you know if there’s any news made in that speech, if there’s anything noteworthy, something substantive and important. .

The reason I’m saying this is, of course, there is a reason that we and other news organizations have generally stopped giving an unfiltered live platform to remarks by former President Trump.

It is not out of spite. It is not a decision that we relish. It is a decision that we regularly revisit. and honestly, earnestly.

It is not an easy decision, but there is a cost to us as a news organization of knowingly broadcasting untrue things. And that is a fundamental truth of our business and who we are.

And so his remarks tonight will not air here live. We will monitor them and let you know about any moves that he makes. Steph I interrupted you.

Rachel Maddow

Same with Jake Tapper at CNN who accused Iowa voters of believing the lie.

A free press is one of the bedrocks of our great nation.  But for it to work we need a press that is fair and balanced. Today, we have neither.

A study by Syracuse University found that just 3.4 percent of American journalists identified as Republicans.

Political pundit Ken LaCorte called that not just an imbalance, but a comedic farce of epic proportions.

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