‘Never Underestimate the Stupidity of the New York Times’: Reporter Duped by Satire

A New York Times reporter fell for an over-the-top satirical post online about the mask mandate ending on airplanes that claimed flight attendants screamed “this is MAGA airspace.”

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On Monday, Jared Rabel put out the satire tweet that blew up with 55,000 likes. 

“I boarded a plane today with my son and mid flight, the pilot announces that the mask mandate is over,” he wrote. “Flight attendants pulled off their masks and sneezed directly into their hands while screaming ‘this is MAGA airspace’. My son turned to me in tears. I don’t know what to do.”

Shortly after the tweet, a New York Times reporter, Victoria Kim, reached out to Rabel and asked for an interview regarding his horrific experience on the plane. Rabal posted a screenshot of the request.

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“Hello Victoria, I would love to discuss the incident at your earliest convenience,” he responded. “I was pretty upset about the whole thing. Unfortunately it’s satire that only someone at the NYT would believe. In my time of contemplation, I was wondering how your team deals with the multitude of false stories that you peddle out daily to use as political propaganda and if you could give me advice on how to take my satire to the next level? Best wishes.”

Rabel spoke to the Todd Starnes Show Wednesday about the media’s agenda being highlighted by Kim’s insistence to believe that scenario.

“You never underestimate the stupidity of the New York Times,” Rabel said. “These people live in a bubble. They believe the worst in everyone who doesn’t believe their agenda.”

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Rabel originally started his platform to discuss politics, theology, and libertarianism. He was quick to respond to Kim when she reached out.

“I let her know it was satire and I wanted to call her out for her desperate need to find stories that fit her agenda,” he said. “I think it’s important to call out the media because they have an agenda.”

According to Rabel, roughly 12 hours after the incident happened, Victoria Kim published an article titled: “For passengers in midflight on Monday, there were cheers and alarm as a U.S. Mask mandate ended.”

Rabel retweeted the article, noting that the New York Times writer already had her story written and was just trying to fill it in with people upset about the mask mandate dropping.

“Victoria Kim, the journalist I encountered two days ago, has a story out now which went with the pre-written narrative she wanted to make before. It contains horror stories of scared passengers on flights. Maybe their stories were as real as mine. Anything to push her agenda.”

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