New Yorker Editor Accuses Top Editor of Purposely Placing Errors Into Her Work

An editor at The New Yorker has accused the magazine’s editor-in-chief of deliberately inserting errors into her work in order to punish her in a campaign intended to ”intimidate and silence women.”

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Erin Overbey, an archive editor at The New Yorker since 1994, made the accusations Tuesday on Twitter, accusing Editor-in-Chief David Remnick of the effort, according to the Daily Mail.

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Overbey said that Remnick had put her under internal review after she accused him of applying a double standard with male and female employees. Overbey added that the review saw two issues raised about factual inaccuracies in her work, although she argues that Remnick put them there himself. 

Overbey asserted that Remnick knew she was under a performance review and could be severely penalized for any errors found in her work, and that this was Remnick’s motive to make his alleged edits.


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Overbey added that she is highlighting the instances where she believes her work was revised to ”to show the lengths to which even progressive institutions or publications will go when they actively seek to reprimand or professionally punish someone who has landed on their radar.”

She argued as well that she was targeted because men in the New Yorker’s managerial structure ”feel threatened by women now being more likely to speak out against sexist treatment.”

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”These publications tend to claim that all they want is for people to voice these concerns in-house — away from social media and the eyes of the public. But we all know that’s not really true.

”Many employees who try to voice concerns in-house are often labeled problematic or penalized — all of which is to say that I’ve been under a tremendous amount of pressure lately due to my persistence and consistency in speaking up and refusing to stay quiet about workplace inequality,” Overbey continued. Read the full story at Newsmax.

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