Newsmax Beats Fox News in Ratings During Trump Rally

Newsmax’s live coverage of former President Donald Trump’s Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, rally on Saturday beat Fox News in key ratings, according to Nielsen. Click here to join Todd’s private Facebook group for Conservatives

Newsmax was the third most watched cable network during the Trump rally speech, with an audience so large it even surpassed the combined ratings of CNN and MSNBC, pulling in more than 21% of both networks.

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Nielsen also reported that Newsmax had a total audience of 1.7 million viewers for Trump’s speech, with its overall coverage drawing over 1.9 million viewers.

Newsmax estimates an additional 1.2 million viewers tuned into its rally coverage through its App and OTT streaming platforms like Samsung+ and Roku, giving the network more than 3 million total viewers. 

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Newsmax had more than 1.03 million viewers during the Trump speech, with Fox News drawing just 942,000 viewers in the same time period.

Wow! Really big T.V. & Streaming Ratings at the Rally last Saturday night in Pennsylvania. The overflow crowd was amazing! Thousands of people not able to get into the Arena. New Arena attendance record set. Biden had almost no crowd, but the Fake News never says that, or never shows an overlay comparison. MAGA has NEVER been stronger! Very cool & professional coverage by Newsmax, especially the two hours of pre-speech. Rumble, as always, was great! Next Rally in Ohio in 9 days, Saturday Night.

President Trump on Truth Social

The Newsmax ratings were even more impressive considering the network is carried in 20 million fewer homes than Fox News, but still outpaced the cable giant.

During the rally, CNN reported only 406,000 viewers, and MSNBC 444,000.

In his first rally since the FBI search of his Mar-a-Lago home, Trump pulled no punches, firing back at President Joe Biden’s own speech earlier in the week from Philadelphia. Continue reading at Newsmax.

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