Newsmax Pundit Calls Fox News, Tucker Carlson ‘Anti-American’

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Russia’s Vladimir Putin has snagged Fox News and host Tucker Carlson hook, line, and sinker by his propaganda machine, sharing an “anti-American” narrative to conservatives, according to political strategist Dick Morris on Newsmax.

“Putin’s strategy is, essentially what the Russians have always done, which is when they do something wrong: They take the copy and they turn it around on its head and blame us for it, even though it’s something that they, and not we, have done,” Morris, a former adviser to both former President Bill Clinton and President Donald Trump, told Saturday’s “The Count.

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“It’s shocking to see Tucker Carlson doing this, and it’s outrageous to see Fox News going along. This is not just pro-Russia, this is not anti-Ukraine, this anti-American.”

Putin has been desperate to try to justify sis imperialistic goal of returning a free Ukraine into Russia’s sphere of influence, if not reconstituting the defunct Soviet Union, but Carlson and Fox News are either oblivious to it or fueling the narratives, Morris told host Bob Sellers.

“Well, if you can swallow the hook, swallow the line and the sinker, too,” Morris continued. “This all comes as a unit. This idea that this is provoked by the West, provoked by the United States. Russia even goes so far as if to say this is a deal with Ukraine to start a nuclear war with Russia.

“And Carlson even implies, overtly says, that the higher ups in Washington want a war and are delighted to be provoking it.”

Russia is even using Fox News and Carlson clips to justify Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and continued escalations, Morris lamented.

“To see the Russian state media, the propaganda machine, quoting the leading talk television host in the United States is outrageous,” he added.

Siding with Russia as it invades Ukraine is not only a bad look, but it is spreading disinformation to Americans, according to Morris.

“I think it’s absurd and really shocking that Tucker Carlson in particular and Fox News in general really appear to be siding with Russia in this war,” he said. “We have Tucker’s overt statements saying, ‘I side with Russia or I prefer Russia.'”

“And every night Tucker spews a monologue that basically says that the United States and our allies caused this invasion by provoking it by flirting with the idea of Ukraine joining NATO.”

Morris said he spent a night this week watching Fox News and “found absolutely no coverage of what’s really happening in Ukraine.”

“No coverage of Putin’s war crimes; no coverage of the atrocities – sometimes they pass it off with, ‘We all know that Putin’s not a great guy, but,’ and then you go on,” Morris noted.

On specifics, Morris blasted Russian propaganda spinning attacks on a maternity hospital.

“They say the bombing of the children’s hospital, the maternity ward – the Russian’s say this, not necessarily Tucker – that this was a state-staged incident and bombing the train platform was to deter people from leaving Ukraine, because they want to draft people into the army and increase their forces,” Morris warned.

“These are just so totally false.”

Also, Russia has conflated biological research labs in Ukraine being an American venue for creating chemical and biological weapons, according to Morris, when they are there, but meant for defense against Russian weapons and not to create them to attack Russia.

“For example, the story about biolabs being located in Ukraine by the U.S. so we can produce new chemical weapons and biological weapons, proximate to Russia and for use against Russia: Total fabrication,” Morris warned. “Yeah, they’re there, but they were there to protect the population, because the Russians have these agents and they were afraid that they would use them.

“It’s just the truth completely turned on its head.”

Fox News is just not sharing the total truth, Morris concluded.

“Every night we see real images, not phony ones, of unbelievable havoc and hell being wrought upon the people of Ukraine by Russia – and yet we turn to Fox News and we see this stuff denied, downplayed,” Morris said.

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