BREAKING: Newsmax Reporter Carries Ukrainian Man to Safety

On Monday’s John Bachman Now, Newsmax foreign correspondent Chuck Holton was giving an update on the Russian invasion of Ukraine when Bachman brought up that Holton carried a Ukrainian refugee to safety near Kyiv.

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Should the U.S. do more to help Ukraine?

“We’ve been seeing this video of you doing the fireman’s carry of that Ukrainian refugee,” Bachman said. “I know this is hard for journalists — you don’t actively want to get involved in the story — but, in a situation like that, you did what you had to do.”

“I wouldn’t be a man if I’d just watched that guy drown in the river,” Holton said. “There was actually an AP reporter who picked him up on the other side of the river and carried him across the bridge, but he was tapped out by the time he got across the bridge, so I went and took over for that guy and carried him up the hill, wishing that I hadn’t done leg day this morning.”

“Sometimes you do have to put your camera down and actually get involved because you can’t just watch people die,” he continued.

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“You’re supposed to be there as a journalist, a dispassionate observer, but of course you’re always a human being first, and that is a very human thing to do,” Bachman said. “Putting your old Ranger training to work there.”

As of Tuesday morning, the video had received 2,200 likes and had been viewed 24,540 times.

“God protect and bless this wonderful journalist,” Imeleta Sanileva wrote in the comments.

Describing the situation as more of a relay, Holton said he was relieving the initial Good Samaritan who stopped to help. Continue reading at Newsmax.

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