Plouffe: GOP Speaking to ‘Sick, Perverted One-Third of the Country’

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Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign manager David Plouffe slammed Republicans for “speaking to their sick, perverted one-third of the country” on MSNBC Wednesday.

Host Joy Reid went on a tirade claiming the GOP loves COVID, calling them a “creepy little Covid-loving death cult.”

Plouffe agreed.

“I think that there’s a third of the people out here in California who voted for the recall. There’s a third of the people who say it should be a personal choice. Yes, the Republicans are making it harder to vote so that third has more power in general elections. But let’s make no mistake, that third or 30%, that hardcore MAGA base, they’re going to drive Republican politics.”

He added, “I think these governors, legislative leaders who have stood in the way of vaccinations, who belittled COVID, who don’t want masks in school — here’s the thing, we’re basically two-thirds of the country in support of mask mandates in schools. So again, they’re speaking to their sick, perverted one-third of the country, you know that gets injected by Fox News and Sinclair and Breitbart, all the stuff. Listen, I believe today, Joy, the only country that has a worse COVID outbreak than the United States is Mongolia. So if you can’t make something of that politically as tragic as that is, maybe you don’t deserve to be in politics. I think one thing, Newsom made this campaign about COVID.”

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