President Trump Doesn’t Need Fox News: Liz Harrington

The following is a rush transcript of Todd’s interview with Liz Harrington, President Trump’s spokesperson. Click here to listen to the full interview.

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TODD: [01:45:59] I just love how President Trump has been able to find the workarounds. We don’t have to rely on social media anymore. People are still getting the message. This president is still resonating with the American people. And just a few moments ago, he posted a very simple question. Who shot Ashley Babbette?

HARRINGTON: [01:46:18] Right. Absolutely. And it goes straight to the people, goes straight to your inbox. And you get I mean, it’s amazing the power behind it because he’s had the entire world against him. You see what they’re doing in New York. You see what big tech has done, censoring him and purging him and putting him down the memory hole. I mean, you can’t even post a video with his voice without it getting banned on Instagram. It’s absolutely un-American. But the good news is we don’t need them.

And guess what? We don’t need FOX News either. They didn’t carry the president’s speech live in Wellington, Ohio. That’s OK. We had other networks step up with that Newsmax. We’ve got Rightside Broadcasting, we’ve got OAN. And people want the truth and they’re going to go directly to the source. And that’s why the president has been so successful in getting rid of these corrupt gatekeepers that do not care about the future and fate of this country and the people in it. President Trump does. And all those people, they just are hungry for the truth. They’re going to find the information. And that’s why no matter where we go, a new social media, platforms or otherwise, we will have the support of the people on our side as President Trump is so consistent and he’s so concerned with getting the truth out there.

TODD: [01:47:42] Well, you’re you’re right about that. And I was down at Mar a Lago about a month ago, and the president looks great. He looks rested. And he’s I think he’s ready for a fight, Liz. And I think the American people are going to respond. And If he does, in fact, run and we saw the smile. We saw the smile is if he runs, this could be a landslide. I mean, this could be huge.

HARRINGTON: [01:48:06] Well, it well, like he said the other night, he’s already had to beat them twice. He might have to do it a third time – landslide, certainly for the last two. Absolutely. But we got to get our election straightened out. We absolutely have to we’ve got to get this corruption out. We have to get the truth out. We still got the audit in Arizona. We’re going to have an audit in Georgia. We’re seeing movement in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, other states as well. We just want the true results. That’s all we’re concerned about. But absolutely, he’s got the popular support. He’s got the mandate. It’s his if he wants it. And that’s why that’s why he’s not just going to sit back and relax and, you know, enjoy his life, which he has every right to do. He’s going to keep fighting because he cares so much. I just have to tell you, it’s only been a couple of weeks working for him. He is such an incredible person. He’s exactly the same in front of the cameras, off cameras, behind the scenes. He is the real deal. He’s amazing. And he’s going to never stop fighting for America.

TODD: [01:49:13] Well, Liz, we’re going to leave it there. Congratulations. A great pick the president made. And we look forward to getting you back on the show very soon.

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