Rep. Mo Brooks DESTROYS Fox Anchor Sandra Smith After She Rebukes ‘2000 Mules’ Documentary

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Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) delivered a masters-level class for conservatives on Fox News Channel on how to deal with left-wing activists disguised as “objective” journalists. Watch the interview below.

Brooks, during an interview on Fox News Sunday, claimed that President Trump was robbed of the presidency in 2020.

Is Fox News abandoning conservatives?

Fox News anchor Sandra Smith, who was clearly triggered by the assertion, called out the congressman.

“Just to go on the record, there has been still no evidence or proof provided that there was any sort of fraud in that election—” Smith said.

“That’s wrong,” Brooks replied. “I don’t know why you people in the media keep saying that! But that is absolutely false! That is absolutely false. You keep saying it every time, but that’s absolutely false.”

He went on to list evidence that he said deserves to be considered, including “2000 Mules,” the recent documentary released by Dinesh D’Souza.

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Sandra Smith Rebukes Congressman

Smith completely lost it.

“That has been looked at, and fact-checked by multiple outlets, including Reuters, who have debunked that as any sort of proof that there was widespread voter fraud,” Smith said.

“You’re absolutely wrong, Sandra,” Brooks replied. “But keep going with that story if you wish.”

D’Souza says he will tear apart the Reuter’s “fact check” Tuesday on his podcast.

“Not that this will change Sandra Smith’s mind,” he wrote on Twitter. “Her mind merely follows the contours of her Fox News paycheck. She’s a well-compensated apparatchik, not a real journalist.”

Until now, Fox News has completely ignored the number one political documentary in the nation. Not even primetime hosts like Tucker Carlson or Sean Hannity have discussed the film that all of their viewers are talking about.

Were on-air anchors and hosts banned from covering the story?

And why rely on an alleged “fact check” from Reuters, a news service with a long history of attacking President Trump and conservatives?

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“The issue isn’t that Sandra Smith thinks the 2020 election was fair and secure,” D’Souza wrote on Twitter. “The issue is that Sandra Smith doesn’t think. She’s captive to the party line at Fox News. If she went against it, she’d be outta there. On this critical issue, she’s an apparatchik, not a journalist.”

If Fox News Channel truly believes that D’Souza’s documentary is flawed, why not assign one of their own “fair and balanced” investigative reporters to probe the film?

Why not invite D’Souza on Fox News to have a “fair and balanced” conversation?

For whatever reason, the people in charge of the news division at Fox made a calculated decision to follow the Mainstream Media’s talking points on D’Souza’s well-documented documentary.

The “news division” at Fox decided it would be in their financial interests to be unfair and unbalanced.

Although, it should be noted that Fox dropped their “fair and balanced” logo a few years ago.

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