REPORT: Facebook Intentionally Targeted Conservative Websites, Breitbart,

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Hello Americans, I’m Todd Starnes. Stand by for news and commentary next.

The Wall Street Journal has published internal documents that show Facebook knowingly targeted and suppressed content from conservative publishers — including my website,

It was the worst kept secret in digital media.

Facebook introduced tools after the 2016 presidential election that intentionally decreased traffic to conservative websites like Breitbart, Western Journal and my website.

Breitbart’s traffic dropped by 20 percent — and so did my traffic.

The Wall Street Journal also reported that conservative news pages were relegated to a second tier on Facebook.

Now, that is especially troubling because is one of the few conservative websites that has the seal of approval from all of the left-leaning fact-checkers.

In other words – we do solid journalism, fair and balanced. So Facebook’s problem is not accuracy – it’s our content. They don’t like our point of view.

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