Report: Fox Matches Donations to the Satanic Temple, Planned Parenthood

Fox News Channel is subsidizing radical leftwing organizations and has “complete disregard and hatred” for its conservative audience, according to insiders.

The company, owned by the Murdoch family, matches donations up to $1,000 to various organizations approved on the “Fox Giving” app.

According to a Blaze Media report, Fox is matching donations to the Satanic Temple, an atheistic leftist group that hands satanic literature to children and performs “religious abortion rituals”; the Trevor Project, an LGBT organization; Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion provider in the U.S.; and the Southern Poverty Law Center, a radical hate group that defames conservatives.

While Fox has published and aired negative stories about these organizations, internally it is funding them through cable subscriptions.

“Fox pretends to care about Christians, but some of the stuff they push internally suggests otherwise. Glory holes, trans surgeries for kids, and potential donations to Satan are a huge slap in the face to every Christian at the company, and we resent it,” a current employee told the Blaze. “It offends me personally that this company acts like they support Christians and yet they’re literally willing to match $1,000 donation to the Satanic Temple.”

Despite platforming the Satanic Temple, Fox’s match program does not give “donations made to organizations that are private and non-operating, or political, religious, or fraternal in nature.”

A former Fox producer criticized the network’s disdain for conservative Christians from the company’s executives, lawyers, and HR department.

“It shows complete disregard and hatred for Fox’s core audience, which is a huge part of the country. They watch believing Fox is speaking for them, when in reality it’s a company participating in certain things that don’t match their audience’s values,” the ex-Fox producer explained.

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