REPORT: Is NYT Setting Up Joe Biden for Impeachment?

The executive editor of The Federalist has a “hunch” as to why The New York Times finally acknowledged Hunter Biden’s laptop was legit.

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‘We’ve all seen this dramatic, dramatic slide in Joe Biden’s polling over just his first year, which of course is supposed to be a new president’s honeymoon,” Joy Pullmann said on The Todd Starnes Show. “There really was no honeymoon, as it’s just been failure after failure after failure.”

Pullmann pointed to the deadly U.S. exit from Afghanistan as one example. Listen below:

“The indicators are so bad they’re basically pointing toward a historic red wave in the upcoming midterms,” said Pullmann. “That really presents Democrats with a problem, and Joe Biden is the problem.”

Democrats maintained throughout the 2020 presidential campaign that Joe Biden was a moderate but Pullman said anyone paying attention knew that was not the case.

“So, they kind of cast him as this moderate antidote to the brash Donald Trump,” added Pullmann. “Basically, Americans were sold a pig in a poke, it’s starting to squeal, Americans can hear it loud and clear now, and so Democrats — to continue to the metaphor — are still sitting there holding the squealer and trying to figure out basically how we can get rid of this guy.”

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That is why Pullmann finds it “convenient” for Democrats that the New York Times admitted that reports on Hunter Biden’s business dealings and emails were accurate.

Starnes also found this to be a little puzzling.

“There’s really no need for The New York Times to weigh in on this story,” said Starnes. “It had already been dismissed as ‘disinformation.’”

“And I have a hunch,” Starnes added. “I think they know that Joe Biden, the Democrats know Joe Biden is not up to the job, but I think that they see Kamala Harris and they realize that she could actually be worse than Joe Biden. So I’m wondering if they’ve decided to stick with him because of her.”

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