SEE IT: New ‘Pregnant Man’ Emoji Revealed

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New emojis are headed your way and one is especially raising eyebrows: the “pregnant man” emoji.

Unicode, which approves emoji submissions, is set to introduce “emojis for pregnant people of all genders,” Men’s Health reports.

“The new images will acknowledge trans men and nonbinary people,” the magazine adds.

The latest additions will be coming to your smartphone on September 14.

Right now, according to, some new emojis are awaiting approval in order to be added to the official list.

These include a saluting face, a face welling up with tears, and what they call “consistent gender options for pregnancy.” Meaning you might be able to include a pregnant male emoji in your text messages.

This is just ridiculous.

National radio host Todd Starnes says, “I’m not sure what that emoji is giving birth to, but it’s not a baby.”