Showtime to Launch Anti-White People Docu-Series

Showtime is launching a new series in honor of Black History Month that marginalizes and demeans people of the Caucasian persuasion.

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everything’s gonna be all white” is a docu-series that will explore the history of race. Based on the trailer released by Showtime, it is definitely anti-white.

“What annoys me the most about white people is when they pretend they are the victim,” one performer said. “What’s also annoying is when they kill us.”

The program features a who’s-who of bigots including Dr. Ibram X. Kendi, Dr. Nell Irvin Painter, Jemele Hill, Amanda Seales, Favianna Rodriguez, Tamika Mallory, Styles P, Margaret Cho and Dr. Nick Estes, among others who dissect the many causal effects of race-based decisions and policies on people of color. Watch below.