Sports Illustrated SLAMS Christian Football Coach Fired For Praying After Games

As a Christian high school football coach awaits a Supreme Court decision that will tell if his post-game prayers are ruled unconstitutional, Sports Illustrated published a story condemning the coach.

The popular sports outlet claims if he wins, it will be a loss for democracy and lead to the erosion of the separation between church and state.

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To discuss the story and the progress of the case, Coach Joe Kennedy and his legal counsel came on the Todd Starnes Show Tuesday.


The coach explained shortly after becoming a Christian, he began coaching football at a high school in Washington state. He told Starnes that win or lose, he decided to thank God after every game.

“I don’t know why people complicate this story,” Jeremy Dys, special counsel for First Liberty Insitute, told Starnes. “It’s really quite simple. Coach Kennedy just wants to be able to pray by himself at the 50-yard line following the games that he coaches. That’s it.”

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Dys also noted that the previous ruling on this case will affect far more Americans than Kennedy.

Should Coach Kennedy have been fired?

“It said that if teachers or coaches engage in any kind of religious activity, that could be suspect for their jobs,” the lawyer said.

“The other side argued very clearly that they believe that if students can see a coach or a teacher engaged in religious activity or what they called ‘demonstrative religious activity,’ even if that didn’t occur on school grounds, they could be subject to termination,” Dys added.

While this legal battle has taken a toll on Kennedy and his family, he is continuing to fight for his religious liberty.

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“At the beginning, it was really tough and now it’s just like any other marathon or game that goes into triple overtime, you know, you’re tired, you want the game to finish, but you know you have to finish strong,” Kennedy said.

The ruling for this case is expected to be announced in the coming weeks.

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