Stelter’s Days at CNN are Numbered: Report

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CNN’s media correspondent Brian Stelter is in hot water at the network, according to a new report.

Do you trust CNN as a news network?

Veteran journalist Jon Nicosia shared some information Friday from several sources:

“Brian Stelter’s days are numbered with the network,” Nicosia tweeted.

“Discovery management ‘very much considers him a Zucker henchman and embarrassment’ and believes he is ‘a negative partisan lighting rod and distraction going forward.'”

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Stelter defended White House press secretary Jen Psaki after she called Fox News correspondent Peter Doocy a “stupid son of a bitch” before his report.

The Media Research Center called out Stelter for his hypocrisy.

“Four years ago, the media were calling comments like this a chilling attack on the free press that put the 1st Amendment and democracy itself in mortal danger,” the MRC tweeted. “[Stelter] adjusts his standards based on which political party controls the White House.”

Nicosia said there will be more in the coming days.

But the big question is, Where can he go if he’s not good enough for CNN?