Straight, White, Southern, Christian Men are ‘Public Enemy No. 1,’ Chad Prather Tells Starnes

The following is a rush transcript of Todd’s interview with Chad Prather on the Todd Starnes Radio Show. Prather is a host at The Blaze TV and he’s also the author of a new book, “Am I Crazy?” Click here to listen to the full interview.

TODD: So we’ve been able to establish contact with our next guest. on the PATRIOT MOBILE NEWSMAKER LINE. I’m very excited about this. This guy is just awesome. His name is Chad Prather and you see him on the Blaze TV and he is taking on the world and the world. Chad, good to have you with us.

CHAD PRATHER: [01:11:04] Hey, Todd, thanks for having me, man. Good to be with you for a minute.

TODD: [01:11:08] Hey, look. So you’ve got this great project out. “Am I crazy? An unapologetic patriot takes on the insanity of today’s woke world.” There’s a lot packed into book.

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CHAD PRATHER: [01:11:19] I’m serious. I’m calling this affectionately my common sense guy to the end of the world. Unfortunately, the woke mob has seemingly taken over. They’ve gotten our language, they’ve gotten our culture. They’ve attacked everything from our parenting to our relationships to our holidays, you name it. And so I took a little common sense wrap it in humor, made it an easier pill to swallow and put it in a book form where people can get conversational in this. In this culture war we’re fighting.

TODD: [01:11:45] And one of the things I like about you – you’re Southern, you know, so you get it.

CHAD PRATHER: [01:11:52] I try to. Anyway, you know, what’s funny is I’m kind of this southern oxymoron. I’m not a slow talker. I can get a lot of words out pretty fast. And that’s sort of the tone that this book was written in as well. So if anybody watches being, they’re used to seeing my videos in the truck or watch me on the blaze. They’re going to read this book really, really fast.

TODD: [01:12:10] Well, that’s fantastic. Where can people go if they want to get a copy of the book?

CHAD PRATHER: [01:12:16] The easiest one stop shop is to go to my website, WATCHCHAD.COM, the most vain web address in the world. Watch Chad. I encourage people to grab it. They’ll thoroughly enjoy it.

TODD: [01:12:29] You know, as we’ve got about a minute here about, well, 90 seconds or so, what are what is the key takeaway from you as you as you take a look at what’s happening in America right now?

CHAD PRATHER: [01:12:40] Well, we’re seeing a downfall. We’re seeing a spiral down and it’s working at a breakneck speed. And anybody that is, you know, as I consider myself a southern white, heterosexual Christian male. And to top it all off, I wear a cowboy hat and drive a truck and usually have a dog in the back. I’m public enemy number one. I mean, how dare I, you know, try to shift the paradigm back to traditional values or common sense because you know, anybody that speaks things like that, the cultural mom is going to come after us and try to cancel us. So what I’m encouraging people to do is arm themselves. Let’s get back to critical thinking and common sense and laugh at ourselves a little bit and not be so easily offended. And let’s move forward and engage culture.

TODD: [01:13:21] I love it. Chad, we’ve got a link to your book and your website over on our live show blog. Folks had over there and check that out. Am I crazy? An unapologetic patriot takes on the insanity of today’s woke world. Chad, it’s a tight segment, but we’d love to get you back on some time so we can really do a deep dove into this terrific book you wrote.

CHAD PRATHER: [01:13:42] Hey, thanks for the time, Todd.

TODD: [01:13:44] Always a blessing, my brand. All right. Take care, brother. Chad Prather. I love this guy. He’s great. You got to read his book. Don’t forget, don’t go anywhere. We’ve got another hour coming your way. This is the Todd Starnes Show from Liberty University Studios.

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