Team Trump Rips Fox Nation/Piers Morgan Hit Piece on Trump

The Fox Nation host Piers Morgan’s President Trump interview was ridiculously edited, Liz Harrington, Trump’s spokeswoman, said on the Todd Starnes Show.

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TODD STARNES: [01:01:48] Our good friend Liz Harrington, President Trump’s awesome spokesperson. Liz, I want to share this news with you. I’m afraid that CNN+ is going away. They’ve gone belly up after just three weeks. [01:02:02][13.5]

LIZ HARRINGTON: [01:02:03] Yeah, it couldn’t have happened to a nicer group of people. [01:02:05][2.4]

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STARNES: [01:02:07] I know you’re heartbroken. Just let it all out, Liz. [01:02:09][2.1]

HARRINGTON: [01:02:10] It’s devastating. You know, I was just about to sign up. But now I find out it’s too late. [01:02:17][6.5]

STARNES: [01:02:17] Doggone it, Liz. Well, we are so glad to have you on the show. You know, in the first hour, I normally don’t do this, but we played all seven minutes of that audio recording so people could hear for themselves how devious and deceitful the mainstream media really is when it comes to President Trump. [01:02:41][23.2]

HARRINGTON: [01:02:42] It is so ridiculous, and it’s always this fake caricature they have that they try to push about President Trump. It’s just so untrue. I mean, he doesn’t lose his cool. He could care less about these tough questions Piers Morgan is asking like, no, they’re not hard its easy to deal with. And if anyone wants to sit there and talk about the 2020 election and how it was stolen, it’s President Trump. He’s not going to storm out. It’s ridiculous. Piers Morgan doesn’t have the facts on his side. I mean, they edited up this thing. It’s beyond ridiculous. It’s so different from what actually occurred. I mean, the only thing was that this interview went on and on and on. It was supposed to be 20 minutes. It went on for over an hour. He said last question about four times. I mean, everyone was ready to get up and go at that point, but President Trump did it. He took, you know, three or four more questions and then the interview was over and they shook hands. So it’s so ridiculous. He’s trying to get ratings. The media is trying to make something of it, but they’ll get ratings for President Trump, and they won’t get much after that. [01:03:55][73.3]

STARNES: [01:03:56] That’s true. And I think back, you know, we went in with the same rules, you know, 20 minutes, and I’m always respectful of time limits. And the thing is, you want to be invited back, right? I mean, you want to have a good experience. And I was stunned that the President kept going and going and going. And, you know, we got almost 90 minutes with the President and a free Diet Coke, which was very kind of him, by the way. But again, it’s you know, the demeanor with Trump you hear about in the national media is not who that man is in real life. [01:04:33][36.8]

HARRINGTON: [01:04:34] No, not at all. He’s so generous. He’s so generous with his time, generous, you know, sending notes out to people, you know, a little handwritten note for a story you wrote or even just a tweet you sent or a truth you posted. You know, he really is. He’s a great guy. He’s a great leader. And he certainly, I mean, if there’s anybody, any question of someone who can’t take the tough questions, I mean, give me a break. Its Donald J. Trump that stands up there with such a hostile, fake news media and he’ll take them all. I mean, we remember those press conferences from the summer 2020. I mean, they were just relentless. They’re just like rabid dogs trying to get him to say, you know, anything to slip up. And he would calmly answer questions. He’d get the better of them, and he’d be doing it for like an hour and a half. Could Joe Biden do that? Could Joe Biden do an interview with Piers Morgan? Piers Morgan, I don’t even think was that hard of an interview, but we know the answer to that question. Absolutely not. You’d have the Easter Bunny crashing in to not let him speak. [01:05:39][64.9]

STARNES: [01:05:41] That’s a fairly good point. Liz Harrington on the Patriot Mobile Newsmaker Line today. Liz, I want to move to this video that you’ve been sharing on your Twitter feed, which is just really shocking. And I want you to describe what it is these people are doing in Detroit, Michigan, with these stacks of mail in ballots. [01:06:01][19.9]

HARRINGTON: [01:06:03] This is stunning. I mean, somebody needs to do something about it, because it happens everywhere, so we know what True The Vote has been doing. We’ve got the big movie coming out with Dinesh D’Souza. This is video that’s not even in that movie. This is in Detroit, Michigan. Another great group, Michigan Citizens for Election Integrity, they’ve done public records requests. They’ve gotten their hands on a lot of surveillance video of these drop boxes that we know were so crooked, and they’ve been just pouring through hours and hours of tape, and they began sharing a little bit of what they found. In this particular one, it is stunning. The woman drives up to the drop box, walks over, crosses the street, has a stack of mail in ballots. She gets there. Another car which pulls up, hands her a ballot, so she drops it in. She looks at the ballots. She realizes they’re not signed. I mean, and again, you’re not allowed to return anybody else’s ballot. In very, very limited circumstances in these days, it’s called ballot harvesting. This is trafficking of ballots. So she realizes this stack of ballots in her hand aren’t signed. She goes back to her car, rifles in her purse and finds a pen and start signing the ballots one by one by one. It’s all on camera. And after she’s done, she gets back out of the car and stuffs the drop box with these fraudulent ballots. It’s stunning, and its in broad daylight. We’ve seen this in other states. We know Michigan was one of the worst. Philadelphia, they said, is the absolute worst. But this happened in every swing state, more than enough to swing the election results. This is widespread fraud. Much of it is caught on camera. It’s time we banned drop boxes. It’s time we do real audits. It’s time we get to the bottom of this and start arresting people because this is a joke. We can’t have our elections this way. [01:08:03][120.1]

STARNES: [01:08:03] Liz, I’m curious, what are you guys doing with this video? Is this being turned over to the authorities? [01:08:10][7.3]

HARRINGTON: [01:08:12] Yes, I think in Michigan, the local group there, they’re going to work. We know in other states True The Vote has worked with local law enforcement. I mean, Georgia’s been a disaster. They completely stonewalled the investigation. But they are seeing good signs in Wisconsin, that local sheriff’s offices are going to start to move forward and bring cases, and hopefully we can use it in lawsuit. I mean, if the Republican state legislatures in many of these states aren’t going to do their job and aren’t going to ban these drop boxes, we need lawsuits that get them out of here. I mean, they’re so insecure, they can’t be used in an election in a first world country. No other country in the world does their elections this way. I mean, you got a month of early voting, so you can just, you know, keep going back to these drop boxes with mail in ballots that are sent all over the place to inactive voters, people that no longer live there. It’s a joke. We have to root this out. And I think this movie is going to go a long way to exposing it. And even better, they’re going to release all the data they have. All this cell phone tracking data, all the surveillance video they found, so it gives the ammunition for every patriot in this country to start doing their research, do their public records requests, show the evidence and then scream it from the rooftops in their local communities to make sure it isn’t happening there [01:09:35][82.7]

STARNES: [01:09:36] I’m with you 1,000 percent. Liz, real quick before we let you go. My phone has been blowing up. Last night, Uncle Jerry from Coldwater, Mississippi says, is it true that Trump is coming to northern Mississippi? And I figured we’ve got you on the line –  Is he coming to our neck of the woods? [01:09:54][17.9]

HARRINGTON: [01:09:55] I believe he is. I believe it’s for the American Freedom Tour. I mean, they’ve had different dates, different cities. They were going to be in Birmingham. I believe that got moved. So I think so. I will have to check American Freedom Tour. [01:10:08][13.3]

STARNES: [01:10:11] So, that’s different from the Save America rallies that the president is doing, right? [01:10:14][2.6]

HARRINGTON: [01:10:14] Right. That’s still President Trump. He goes and he speaks, but it’s not a rally [01:10:19][4.3]

STARNES: [01:10:20] That makes perfect sense. Alright, well, that’s good. That’s good news, because I have like 300 family members that I didn’t realize I had and they’re like, oh, can we get in to see, you know how it goes. [01:10:29][9.2]

HARRINGTON: [01:10:30] Oh, yeah, absolutely. [01:10:30][0.8]

STARNES: [01:10:32] Alright. Well, Liz, I’m going to let you commiserate now that we won’t be able to watch CNN+ together. [01:10:36][3.9]

HARRINGTON: [01:10:38] I just don’t know what I’m going to watch now. [01:10:39][1.3]

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