Trump: Fox News Delayed Calling Race Because They Wanted Dems to Win

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President Trump blasted Fox News Channel’s decision not to call the Virginia gubernatorial race until late into the night. The network was the last cable news channel to announce that Glenn Youngkin had won the election.

Trump, who is still fuming over Fox News Channel’s decision to call Arizona for Biden in 2020, ripped the “conservative” network during an interview on the The John Fredericks Show.

“It took Fox 30 minutes to call Virginia for Youngkin, and 30 minutes after both MSNBC and CNN,” Frederick said. “What does that say?”

“Well, it’s probably because maybe they wanted a Democrat to win,” Trump replied.

Trump blamed Fox’s coverage in part, on “Paul Ryan basically running Fox now.”

Newsmax was the first major network to call the race for Youngkin, fyi.