Trump Says Conservatives Are Angry Over Fox’s Leftward Drift

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NEWSMAX: With so much of the media already biased toward liberalism and supporting Democrats, former President Donald Trump noted a ideological shift at Fox News that left conservative Americans “angry.”

“If you look at Fox at how they did, versus how they did in 2016, it was day and night,” Trump tells Saturday’s “Dick Morris Democracy” in an exclusive interview to air on Newsmax at 7:30 p.m. ET.

“A big difference, and people are very angry about it.”

During an infamous, watershed moment on Election Night, Fox News called the state of Arizona for Joe Biden, projecting numbers from Maricopa County that had yet to have been tabulated. By comparison, Newsmax’s coverage that night warned it was too early and the state was still too close to call.

Trump campaign staffers have often noted in the rehashing of election coverage that moment helped turn what seemed to be a positive night for Trump’s reelection chances into a path of victory for Biden. Votes were still to be cast, counted, and – to the dismay of free and fair election advocates – mail-in ballots in some key battleground states like Pennsylvania were still permitted to be received.

Trump laments to host Dick Morris, Fox News’ coverage was “one of the biggest differences in the election, even though I won 75 million votes – which is far more than I won the first time if you think about it.”

As opposed to positive coverage of his campaign in 2016, Trump noted a shift to negativity that impacted his reelection chances in 2020, as the coronavirus, rejection of election changes under the guise of COVID safety protocols, and Black Lives Matter ant-policing protests all combined to weigh on Trump’s campaign.

“There’s no way that a man who is politicking on defund the police wins an election; that I can tell you,” Trump tells Morris.

Even Fox News has noted its turn away from conservative ideals in some respects, and has dialed it back some, Trump adds.

“Well, Fox has been a lot different,” Trump tells Morris in the wide-ranging phone interview. “I think they’re coming back somewhat, but Fox has been certainly a lot different than it was 2016.”

The negativity from liberal anchors at CNN (Jake Tapper, a former press secretary for Democrats), NBC (Chuck Todd, a former staffer for Democrats), and ABC (George Stephanopoulos, a former Democrat operative for former President Bill Clinton) has permeated to Fox News’ lead anchor Chris Wallace, Trump laments to Morris, a former Clinton adviser himself.

“He’d like to be Mike Wallace, that’s his father,” Trump said.

“He was disastrous. He was your basic disaster. You know, it’s just he’s a very negative guy and the people don’t want to hear that. That’s why they tune out.”

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