WaPo’s Taylor Lorenz Defends Doxxing Woman Behind ‘Libs of Tik Tok’ Account

Washington Post reporter Taylor Lorenz doxxed the woman behind the popular “Libs of Tik Tok” account Tuesday.

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In the story titled “Meet the woman behind Libs of TikTok, secretly fueling the right’s outrage machine” on the platform owned by billionaire Jeff Bezos, Lorenz named the account founder against her will.

Libs of Tik Tok has been exposing the Left and gained a massive following just by simply sharing videos crazy Leftists posted on the Chinese-owned app, TikTok, and beyond.

Lorenz, who tearfully complained about online harassment against women just weeks before, defended her own harassment on Twitter:

“The woman behind Libs of TikTok is an influencer who knows she operates a powerful online media brand. She’s threatened copycats with takedowns (see below), filed a trademark for the name, and inked partnerships w/ other right wing media co,” Lorenz tweeted.

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“Lots of convo about the ‘harm’ of covering a powerful online figure, but not much abt the harm done to the average LGBTQ+ ppl the acct seeks to drive out of schools and public life. I hope people read this whole story and understand this account’s impact,” she added.

Libs of Tik Tok called out Lorenz in a series of tweets:

Donald Trump Jr. and others also criticized Lorenz:

Did Taylor Lorenz engage in unethical behavior?

Lorenz justified doxxing her because the account “has become a powerful cross-platform social media influencer, spreading anti-LGBTQ+ sentiment and fueling the right wing media’s outrage machine.”

But she kept going on and on.

“Yes, an acct whose goal is driving LGBTQ ppl out of public life is bad,” Lorenz said. “Gay/trans ppl targeted by the acct have had their lives destroyed, but the point of the story is actually a nuanced look at radicalization & how the right wing outrage cycle functions. That’s worth covering.”

“This is ultimately a story about how online influence warps our political discourse and shapes policy, as well as the right wing media’s symbiotic relationship w/ a massive political influencer,” she said.

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